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VBS Curriculum 


Kingdom Rock 


Cave Quest

Weird Animals

Water Works


Life Group Curriculum 

God Chasers by Tommy Tenney – 3 copies

The Christian Atheist by Groeschell - 4 student 1 leader

Making Marriage Work-  DVD series – 1 – Myths, 2-Pressure, 3-Conflict, 4-Faith

Seven Deadly Sins by Boone – 3 books, DVD set

The Power of a Whisper by Bill Hybels- 1 copy

Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman – 1 copy

Basic Bible Studies for New and Growing Christians – The Foundry Publishing – 18 copies

Basic Bible Studies for the Spirit- filled and Sanctified Life – The Foundry Publishing -5 copies

Kingdom Culture by Leach – 3 copies

NLT Study Series – Genesis 1 Copy, John 1 copy, James 1 copy

Daniel by Beth Moore- 4 copies

Genesis 1-11 by Shared by Scripture – 4 copies

Living your Strengths by Winsman, Clifton, Liesveld – 2 copies

The Books of the Bible Covenant History Part 1 – I copy

Detours by Tony Evans -  5 Student Books, 1 Leader book, DVD set

A Woman and her Relationships by Rosemary Flaaten, 1 book and DVD set

Wisdom and Wealth by Greg Womack,  1 book and DVD set

When God Takes too Long by Joesph Bentz, 1 book and DVD set

Reflecting God, by Wes Tracy, Gary Cockerill, Donald Demaray, and Steve Harper, 3 books, 1 leader guide

Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table- by Louie Giglio- 1 Study Guide and DVD

The Chosen An Interactive Bible Study – 1 of Season 1 and Season 2

Children's Curriculum 

Lil’ K-

“Show and Tell”

“God’s Kid”

“I can talk to God”


“Follow God”


“Bible Superheroes”

“God is everywhere”





“ Love Shines Thru”

“ Drive Kids on Purpose”

“Power Stack”

“ Catch”


“Summer Slam II”

Veggietales Preschool-          

Leader Guides                                                                              Veggie Bible Dictionary                                                              Student Book                                                                                 DVD Lesson Videos


Preschool: Dicipleland-       

God Leads US                                                                              God Helps US                                                                              God Knows US


Fill out the checkout section, and we will ship the curriculum to your church. It must be a church that is in the East Ohio Nazarene district.

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